Akron, Ohio (US)

I’m in Akron, Ohio right now, visiting my parents. If you happen to be there and like modern art, you have to go to the Akron Art Museum. There are stunning works of Donald Judd, Chuck Close, Sol Lewitt, George Segal, Andy Warhol and so on. It’s definitely worth a visit! There are also three current special exhibitions: “NEO GEO”, “Snack” and “PULP”.

After the art museum, I took pictures of the beautiful afternoon sky. I love the shadow play on the facade, the sunbeams emerging behind fluffy clouds and the bright blue color of the firmament.





Then, I remembered that I got filters from my sister. They were too small for my objective, but fit onto my dad’s lense, so I took his camera. My favorite was the purple lense because it creates an artsy touch to the pictures. You don’t even have to edit them much – the colors will look amazing with the filter.


I hope you enjoyed this post!
If you have any questions about the filters or art museums in this area, feel free to ask (;




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